The cornerstone of a pyramid is the top stone. It is the first stone cut. This stone is then used as a reference for the entire building project starting with the preparation and placement of the foundation stones. The pyramid is finished when the top stone is set revealing how the completed work precisely conforms to the cornerstone!

The Cornerstone team is comprised of individuals with ten to forty plus years of industrial experience, and provides cost-effective solutions and assistance to meet your electrical engineering needs. Based on industrial and governmental standards, our objective is to put safety first in our planning and actions, to understand the requirements of our clients, to provide sound and reliable solutions, and to aid our clients to meet their financial goals. In addition, we can aid your training needs to raise the level of skills and experience. Contact us today to see if we can assist in attaining your goals.

For your facility's Instrument and Electrical Systems, the Cornerstone team can assist in...

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